International Students - FAQ

2016-07-28 10:00:00


Q: Can I apply as a fee-paying (free-mover) student? 

A: Yes, as long as you are a current student from another university, you can apply as a fee-paying student for up to 2 semesters.
Applicants for Fall Semester (September ~ January): March 15th to April 30th
Applicants for Spring Semester (February ~ June): October 15th to November 30th 
Admin. fee of US$100 is required to be paid at the time of application. It is not refundable.

For payment procedures please visit http://oia.nsysu.edu.tw/var/file/7/1007/img/2152/143383288.pdf

Late application will NOT be accepted! 

Q: Do I need to pay admin. fee of US$100 if I'm an exchange (nomination) student?

A: Exchange (nomination) students are not required to pay admin. fee of US$100. 

Q: Can I apply for more than one department?

A: No. You must select the department that best fits with your major. 

Q: Can I apply for on-campus housing?

A: Yes, you must apply on-campus housing at time of application. Late applications will NOT be accepted! 

We don't accept on-campus housing withdrawal after application period!!! 

Q: Are single rooms available?

A: There are no single rooms available. 

Q: Can I request a roomate? 

A: If there is someone you would like to live with and they are agreeable, please write your request on the application. We will do our best to accomodate you. Late request will NOT be accepted! 

Q: Do I need to send hard copies of application forms to NSYSU?

A: All the documents MUST be uploaded into the system before due date. There isn't any document to be sent in hard copy. 

Q: How will I be informed of my admission decision?

A: The notification for the admission decision will be sent by email.

To students who applied for fall semester, the decision will be sent before June 30th.  

For spring semester, students will receive the decision before mid-Janaury. 

Q: When will I be informed of my on-campus housing decision?

A: Fall Semester: end-August 
     Spring Semester: mid-February 

Q: What is the tuition fee standard? 

A: Click here

Note: Students’ credit fees will be charged by credit hours if there is any difference between credits and credit hours.

Q: Who should I contact if I decide to withdraw from the exchange/fee-paying program? 

A: Students should send an email to oia.exchange@mail.nsysu.edu.tw immediately, if for whatever reason he/she may not be able to come to the University after being admitted. Admin. fee of US$100 is non-refundable. 


Visa & Registration Procedures

Q: Do I need a visa to enter Taiwan?

A: After receiving your Acceptance Letter, you must start to apply for VISA.  One semester student must obtain a Visitor Visa to enter Taiwan.

The visitor visa will be issued to students depending on the length of the study. Students who staying in Taiwan for 2 semesters must apply for a Resident Visa.  

Q: When should I arrive in Taiwan?

A: We strongly advise that you plan to arrive a week before orientation day. The orientation day is compulsory for freshman. Topics include visa, cultural adjustment and important regulations.

During orientation you will have the opportunity to get to know other new international students, some current NSYSU students, and explore NSYSU comprehensive resources. 

Q: When should I pay tuition fees?

A: Payment invoice will be ready in mid-August (fall semester) and mid-February (spring semester).  The invoice will be issued on orientation day. All exchange students can make the payment by any Post Office and Bank of Taiwan.  If the fee is less than NT40,000, the payment can also be made by any convenience store in Taiwan.  For fee-paying students, you may pay fee by wire transfer, for the University's banking information, please contact us oia.exchange@mail.nsysu.edu.tw

Q:  Do I need to take medical health check-up?

A: According to the updated regulations announced by the Ministry of Education in June 2015, all the short-term students must take C form. The medical check-up must be taken before arrival, and one copy of the report must submit upon registration.   For resident visa holders, a copy of B form report is required to submit upon registration. 

Q: Do I need to purchase travel insurance?

A: Yes! All students are required to purchase a travel insurance including both accident and medical care, and it must be valid when you arrive in Taiwan. A copy of your travel insurance (English version) is required to be submitted upon registration. 

Q: Do you offer pick-up service

A: We don't provide pick-up service. We strongly advice freshman to take the taxi directly to the NSYSU dormitory.  

Q: Is there any scholarship for fee-paying students?

A: Exchange / fee-paying students are not eligible to apply for NSYSU scholarship. 

Q: Do I need to pay for Taiwan Health Insurance? 

A: According to National Health Insurance Act, any international students continuously staying in Taiwan over six months is obligated to join the NHI. The cost is NTD 749 per month. The insurance fee will be included on the tuition fees payment invoice. For more information, please visit

National Health Insurance Administration Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Q: Where should my mail or package be sent? 

A: Don't send your mail or package to your dorm room. Please use our office address (as blow) as your mailing address in Taiwan. 

Room 2004, Admin. Building, 70 Lien-hai Rd., Kaohsiung City, R.O.C (Taiwan) 80424

A notify email will be sent once your mail or package is received by OIA. 

Q: Can I work on- or off-campus?

A: Exchange/fee-paying students are not eligible to apply for a work permit in Taiwan. 

Q: Is there some place on campus I can go to if I am feeling sick?

A: NSYSU clinic is located next to Post Office. A registration fee will be charged when you check in at the clinic, and treament fees will be charged in accordance with treament at each appointment.  Please present your student ID card and NHI card (if any) at each appointment. Click here for clinic opening hours (Spring Semester 2019). 

Q: Can I apply early leave?

A: Exchange/fee-paying students are expected to be assessed at the same time and in the same way as the other students in class.  If you have to leave early due to unavoidable circumstances, a Written Approval must be obtained from each lecture professor. Also, the leaving procedure form must be collected at the Office of International Affairs, and completed at least 3 days prior to leaving. To students who leave the university without the Written Approval and leaving procedure form, grades will not be given. 



Q: How do I know my student ID number?

A: The students ID number will be sent by email before the second initial selection. 

Q: When can I get the list of English courses?

A: Fall semester: the final course list will be announced by August, visit http://selcrs.nsysu.edu.tw/smain.asp?eng=1 

 Spring semester: the final course list will be announced in January, visit http://selcrs.nsysu.edu.tw/smain.asp?eng=1 

Q: Do I need to select my courses before arrival? 

A:  Yes, you must select the courses starting from the Preliminary Course Selection (II). The courses you select are run through randon selection, not first come first serve basis.  

Q: How many credits can I take as a fee-paying/exchange student?

A: We advice incoming students to take 15 credits (approximately 5 courses) per semester. 

Q: Can I select the courses from different pograms and levels?

A:  Yes, exchange/fee-paying students are eligible to select courses offered by different department/institution. Bachelor students can select elective courses in the master level, and doctoral courses are open to master students. But, IBMBA/GHRM courses are not open to bachelor students. 

Q: What is the grading system at NSYSU?

A: Every 18 hours is counted as 1 credit.  For example if the total class hour during a semester is 54 hours, the course is a 3-credit course.









Grade point
















Grade point








Graduate student: B- is the passing grade

Undergraduate student: C- is the passing grade 

Q: When can I receive my transcript ?

A: Grades will be posted via http://selcrs.nsysu.edu.tw/scoreqry/. The username and password are the same as for your course selection. The transcript will be sent to your home university once all your grades are posted online. For students enrolled in fall semester, the transcripts will be sent around the mid-February. The estimated time for students coming in Spring will be around the beginning of August. 

Q: Can I request more copies of my transcript after returning to my home university ?

A: Yes. All requests for transcripts must be made in writing to oia.exchange@mail.nsysu.edu.tw.  The requests can be made by sending the "Request Form" together with one copy of your passport and proof of mailing fee.  The transcript will be sent via DHL, the mailing fee is US$40. For payment instructions and payment system, please visit http://oia.nsysu.edu.tw/var/file/7/1007/img/2152/143383288.pd