2018 Christmas Language Table

2018-12-25 17:51:00

The Office of International Affairs and the Student Ambassador of NSYSU had organized a Christmas Language Table event for all the students in NSYSU on Dec. 14th, 2018.

With food, snacks and hot chocolate provided aside, international students and local students were separated into groups to exchange different languages and cultures with topics related to Christmas. After the group chatting, the student ambassadors and students who volunteered to participate the Buddy Program had prepared several tournaments with Chinese and English language to allow each group to compete with other groups. The big champion got special presents from the OIA and every student had received a little card for them to write down their Christmas / New Year's wishes.









2018 Fall Monkey Tour in Shoushan

2018-12-25 14:43:00

The OIA has arranged 2 monkey tours for the international students this semester.

It is aimed at understanding the ecology of Taiwan macaques and learning how to get along with and react to them since it is not rare to see the monkeys in our campus.

Photo Source : 台灣獼猴吱吱黨, Pauline Lin, Marianne Sato






Student Exchange Program Video - Made by the exchange students!

2018-06-22 15:54:00

We have a few brilliant exchange students volunteer to make a short music video within 2 months for our Exchange Students Program.

Please take a look and share it with your friends! : )



Production Manager , Technical Director 
Brian Jade Asuncion


Overall Director 
Dustin Alexis M. Olan


Assistant Director

Ryo Iwasawa


Creative Director 

Le Quynh Chi Tran


Location Manager
Hoon Jia Hui, Jacinda


Technical Members --

Assistant Technical Director 
Verix Visarada Vimala Putra


Yam Chiang Yee


Neo Shen Yun


Chuan Han Wu 吳權翰


Michael Gunawan


Character Coordinator 
Lee Gyeong Min


Exchange students (Main Characters) --
Le Quynh Chi Tran
Pacome Da Maud
Yasmine Jaoui


Taiwan Buddies --
Chen Pin Jhen 陳品蓁
Hsu Yu ning 許育寧
Liu Ting Yin 劉亭吟
Lin Chien Yeh 林建業
Terry Chen Ting-An 陳庭安


Dancers --
Asshish Dewangan
Aswin Balaji
Carlotta Seber
Chen Ya Hsuan 陳雅宣
Chiara Lari
Chuang Chia-Jung 莊嘉容 
Eline Albers 
Hamakawa Kota
Isabella Dobrowolska
Lai Shiuan Siang 賴璿翔
Lee Tzu-Wei 李子葳
Ray Huang 黃叡
Rebecca Schiffer
Rishabh Singh
Su Yun Chia 蘇筠家
Yao Xiang Jheng 鄭曜祥


Adviser --
Hana Ting 丁曉緹
National Sun Yat-sen University - Office of International Affairs