Application for 2018 Spring International Exchange/Fee-paying Program will be open from Oct.15th to Nov. 30th

2017-08-30 00:00:00

Admission Schedule 


Application Process


Online application service opens for Spring 2018


All documents must be uploaded into the system. 

*Fee-paying students are required to pay US$100 dollars for administrative fee. Not refundable! 


Selection process


NSYSU acceptance letter will be e-mailed to admitted students. 


List of application documents 

All students must upload the following documents before the deadline. 
1. Application form: the form will be generated automatically after completing the personal information online, it must be printed, signed and uploaded into our system. 
2. Nominaton letter issued by our partner university/fee-paying students must upload the print-screen (payment of admin. fee of US$100) as proof of successful payment.
3. Proof of enrollment issued by your home university (English version)
4. One digital 3.5X4.5 cm color photo, it must taken in front of white background. 
5. A copy of student's passport
6. Transcript (English version)
7. Authorization for Emergency Treatment: the form will be generated automatically after completing the personal information online. 

For FAQ, please visit


Fee-paying Students

       International students who are paying the full costs of their courses, please click for Tuition and Fees Standard

Note: Students’ credit fees will be charged by credit hours if there is any difference between credits and credit hours.
For example, sport course is one credit course, but the teaching hours are two hours, therefore the credit fee will be charged in accordance by teaching hours. 

**Fees are subject to change**


Acceptance Letter

The application can take between 4 to 8 weeks to be processed. We kindly ask the students to be patient.

Students will receive their letter of acceptance by e-mail. The original letter will be sent to our partner universities for students who need it for applying visa. 


Medical Check-up 

All students must take medical check-up after receiving Acceptance Letter. One semester students are required to take C form medical check-up, and a copy of the report must submit upon registration. The format of C form medical check-up will be sent together with Acceptance Letter by e-mail. 
One year students are required to take B form medical check-up for applying resident visa to enter Taiwan. 


Contact Information

Leila Chang 

Program Coordinator

Tel.: +886-7-5252000#2636

Address:Room. 2004, Administration Building, No. 70, Lienhai Rd., Kaohsiung 80424 Taiwan, R.O.C.

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