[Course Selection] IBMBA/GHRM course registration information for exchange students Spring 2019

2019-01-18 14:25:00

IB&GHRM courses registration for Bachelor Students --


IB & GHRM courses (course code IB501-IB614 / GHRM505-GHRM652) are not open to bachelor exchange students.  
If the courses are compulsory for one's study or graduation, please apply by following below instructions:


Schedule       Date& Time
Submit below application documents to office 4051 at College of Management

     9AM, 2019/02/11-

     5PM, 2019/02/19
Result Announcement 結果公佈      2019/3/4
Submit the signed exceptional form (signed by the applicants and the department they belong to) to the Office 4051 at College of Management

     5PM, 2019/03/05

**The signed forms would be sent to the curriculum division directly.



Application Documents for bachelor students :
(1)Declaration form (Please download here)
(2)Academic Transcripts from your home university
(3)The reason that you need to take the IBMBA/GHRM MBA courses/Learning Agreement


IB&GHRM courses registration for Master Students --
IB & GHRM courses are mainly opened for the degree students. The courses will be availble for exchange students during Exceptional Circumstances. Master exchange students who wish to attend the courses will need to ask for professors' approval and submit the completed exceptional form to the Curriculum Division before due date.
* The College of Management has opened more English-taught courses for Exchange Students in Spring 2019. Course information can be found here
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